5Seconds of Summer – Red Desert

5 Seconds of Summer - Red Desert

دانلود آهنگ Red Desert از 5Seconds of Summer همراه متن انگلیسی

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5Seconds of Summer – Red Desert

Artist: 5Seconds of Summer
Title: Red Desert
Style: Pop
Released: 2020

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Red, red desert, heal our blues
I'd dive deeper for you
What a blessing to feel your love
Twilight moments with you

I've been asleep so long, I'm so far away
Visions I see are strong, I hear what they say
Won't you leave all your
 fears at the edge of the world?
I'll tell you again like I told you before
I've been asleep so long, wasting away

Tell me, would you pack up all your bags,
 stay true to North?
You're the only one I'd do this for

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